1995 ORMA macchine Italy Veneer press ORMA NPC 3000, 2 decks

Malax, Finland



Veneer press ORMA NPC 3000, 2 decks

Manufacturer ORMA macchine Italy

2 stack press

pressing area 3050 x 1300mm

approx. 70 t pressing pressure, 6 press cylinders, 70mm diameter

opening height 400/ 650mm

pressing pressure 2 Kg / cm2

Motor with 2 PS

Kcal/ h = 20.000

electrical plates 19,6 kW (aluminum plates )

The structure of the press is entirely made of beams welded together and

welded together and machined with machine tools.

The press frame, once assembled, presents itself as a

single body, offering perfect resistance and durability.

A quality choice in which the main focus is on the

reliability of the press in terms of time and robustness is concerned.

Included accessories:

1 - Electrical lockable

2 - Voltage light switch.

3 - Emergency light switch.

4 - Pressure gauge for setting the working pressure.

5 - Automatic pressure recovery device.

6 - Double push buttons for press closing.

7 - Push-button for plate opening.

8 - timer or alarm clock for pressing time.

9 - Telethermometer or thermometer for working temperature.

Weight 6500 Kg

Dimensions ( L x W x H ): 3600 x 1650 x 1800mm

Technical data under reserve


ManufacturerORMA macchine Italy
ModelVeneer press ORMA NPC 3000, 2 decks