Used 2000 DMC Italy widebelt sander DMC Technosand TC 1100M2
Malax, Finland

widebelt sander DMC Technosand TC 1100M2 year 2000 coming from a vocational traing school Sand...

Used Renovated Valonkone VK26 M ( year 1974- 1980 )

A., VK26M ( year 1974 line ) with sliding table B., VK26M ( year 1974 line ) with motorized out ...

Used 1994 WEINIG WEINIG Unimat 23 Moulder / lamella machine, 8 spindles
Malax, Finland

WEINIG Unimat 23, planer / moulder lamella machine with 8 spindles year 1994 S/N 023-1248 2.0 ...

Used 2007 BINOS WBS 4 26-2F -1300 Double-sided Calibration Sanding Machine
Malax, Finland

Technical specifications Year of manufacture 2007 Double-sided processing Sanding width mm 1300 S...

Used 2000 Casolin Italy PF 400
Malax, Finland

2000 Casolin Italy PF 400

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Casolin PF400 Heavy Duty Surface Planer year 2000 EXAMPLE PHOTO ! original photos coming soon.......

Used 1995 FELDER Singel moulder FELDER F38
Malax, Finland

Singel moulder FELDER F38 Year of manufacture 1995 SN 78-03-118-95 very good condition pivoti...

Used 1987 Altendorf Germany Altendorf format panel saw F90-4300mm
Malax, Finland

Format panel saw ALTENDORF F90 Machine no.: 87-6-43 Year 1987 Saw length mm: 4300mm with 2 ta...

Used 1991 Panhans Germany 690
Malax, Finland

1991 Panhans Germany 690

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Panhans 690 sliding table saw year of construction 1991 Engine power: 5,5 KW with scorer 120mm...

Used 2007 Graule ZS 170
Malax, Finland

2007 Graule ZS 170

€2,490 (EUR)

GRAULE Crosscut and mitre circular saw with maximum cutting height of 170 mm Precise and adjusta...

Used 2005 SCM Italy CNC machine SCM Record 110S
Malax, Finland

CNC machine center SCM Record 110S year 2005 SN AA1/014990 Working dimension X 2700 Working d...

Used 1988 ALTENDORF Altendorf format panel saw TKR 45
Malax, Finland

Altendorf format panel saw TKR 45 year in 1988 S/N 88-4-89 with scoring unit 0,75 kW main mot...

Used 1990 ALTENDORF Altendorf format panel saw F 45
Malax, Finland

Format panel machines Altendorf F 45 year 1990 SN 90-8-93 Alumminium slide table length: 3200 ...

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