Refurbished Valonkone VK26 debarking machine
Malax, Finland

Valonkone VK26 as renovated debarker incl. in and out feeding table Renovated and workshop inspe...

Used Hundegger K2-4 BHF joinery line  for log house production
Malax, Finland

Joinery Hundegger K2-4 BHF for log house production Year of construction 2002 This machine was ...

Refurbished Stromab ST2500 Rotary gluing press, year 2009
Malax, Finland

Stromab ST2500 Rotary gluing press ST 2500 ManufacturerStromab Italy Year of manufacture 2009 ...

Used RANDEK SP700 cut saw
Malax, Finland

RANDEK SP700 cut saw

€19,500 (EUR)

RANDEK SP700 cut saw manufacture Randek Sweden Year 1986 in good condition Randek’s SP700 ser...

Used KRÜSI Log House Production Line Type CM 40
Malax, Finland

KRÜSI Chalet Building Machine / Log House Production Line Type CM 40 Consisting of: POS 1: Mot...

Used Renovated Valonkone VK26 M ( year 1974- 1980 )

A., VK26M ( year 1974 line ) with sliding table B., VK26M ( year 1974 line ) with motorized out ...

Used 2001 Biesse Italy Rover 22- 4 axis
Malax, Finland

Biesse Rover 22 CNC machining center Year of manufacture 2001 SN 07498 Working range 4 axes ...

Used IMA Edge banding machine Compact MFA / F / 5212
Malax, Finland

Edge banding machine IMA Compact MFA / F / 5212 Year of manufacture 1999 S/N 06601 max. edgeba...

Used Holzher Contriga 1368 edgebander, year 2013
Malax, Finland

Holzher Contriga 1368, year 2013 ( available in September / October 2022 ) In good working cond...

Used Canali Resaw TMA 1100
Malax, Finland

Canali Resaw TMA 1100

€12,900 (EUR)

Canali Resaw TMA 1100 Manufacturer Canali Germany Year of manufacture 1967 Band resaw with cen...

Used CML Multi rip saw J350  Automatic multi-rip saw
Malax, Finland

Multi rip saw CML J350 Automatic multi-rip saw for wooden boards Technical data: Maximum cutti...

Used Gardner Denver Variable Speed Srew Air compressor
Malax, Finland

Gardner Denver Variable Speed Srew Air compressor Type VS11 TK-7,5 A Year 2017 200 operating h...

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