ManufactureMachinetypeyear of
REX4 side planer REX HOMS 310-K1987Germany
SCM4 side planer Scm Sintex1997Germany
Logosol4- side planer LOGOSOL PH 2602008UK
Logosol4- side planer LOGOSOL PH 2602006Austria
BacciAutomatic Round end tenoner BACCI TSG 2T1982Estonia
ACMbandsaw ACM 5401990Finland
Centaurobandsaw Centauro SP 6001995Finland
Hammerbandsaw HAMMER N44002003Finland
Hammerbandsaw HAMMER N44002014Finland
Hammerbandsaw HAMMER-Bandsaw N440012013Sweden
Omegabandsaw Omega SN 460 1985Germany
LigmatechBommerang Ligmatech ZHR 05/R/0552000Turkey
LigmatechBoomerang LIGMATECH / return station1994UK
LigmatechBoomerang Ligmatech ZHR 15/40 / RE2000Ghana
Biesseboring machine BIESSE TECHNO LOGIC1993Italy
Biesseboring machine Biesse Techno Logic C.N,2000Italy
Rilesaboring machine Rilesa Pro Line 2200 2008Estonia
Rilesaboring machine Rilesa UNI-X 2200 2008Denmark
Rilesaboring machine RILESA VLG 22242006Denmark
Weekeboring machine WEEKE Optimat BST 500/ D2003Italy
SorbiniBrushing machine Sorbini TM 1999Estonia
Bruksbutt end reducer BRUKS with timber log lift1980Ireland
CattinairCattinair Rotoclean 8 Spray arms spraying robot1998Russia
CattinairCattinair Rotoclean G- 12 Spraypistols, 3 cycles1998Hungaria
CeflaCEFLA Automatic Panel and Cover painting line2000Turkey
CeflaCEFLA complete Spraying / Finishing line CEFLA / Giardina2004Poland
CeflaCEFLA Drying tunnel and Cefla Cooling tunnel2004Netherland
CeflaCEFLA Drying tunnel Finishing, Type:FEV E02/5+2002Estonia
CeflaCEFLA Easy 2000 complete finishing line 2002Indonesia
CeflaCEFLA Finishing Easy D Complete Paint / Dry2000Turkey
CeflaCEFLA Roller coating line2004Bosnia
CeflaCEFLA Spraying robot Cefla Ecosprayer EASY D2000Germany
CeflaCEFLA Spraying U V Line2000Turkey
BruksChipper Bruks 1300 M1980Sweden
UnthaChipper Untha LR 6302008Germany
WEIMAChipper WEIMA WL 6 S1996Finland
WEIMAChipper Weima Type WL 42004Germany
BiesseCNC Biesse Rover 24 ATS/EPS - L12004Sweden
BiesseCNC Biesse Rover 30 Serie 2, Version L2001Italy
BiesseCNC Biesse Rover 325/L1991Italy
BiesseCNC Biesse Rover B 4,352006Turkey
BiesseCNC Center Biesse Rover 222002Turkey
MorbidelliCNC center Morbidelli U 5501992Lithuania
MorbidelliCNC center Morbidelli Universal 3012 TV2008Czechia
MorbidelliCNC machine center U 461992Poland
BiesseCNC machine center "Biesse", model Rover 20 CE1998Turkey
BiesseCNC machine center "Biesse", model Rover 20 CE1999Turkey
MorbidelliCNC machine center Author 5041994Poland
MorbidelliCNC machine center Author U 501991Germany
BiesseCNC machine center Biesse Rover 364, year 09 1997Italy
BiesseCNC machine center Biesse Rover 222002Turkey
BiesseCNC machine center Biesse Rover 24 ATS L2003Germany
BiesseCNC machine center Biesse Rover 24 S2001Turkey
BiesseCNC machine center Biesse Rover 24 S2002Lithuania
BiesseCNC machine center Biesse Rover 272001Turkey
BiesseCNC machine center Biesse Rover 271999Turkey
BiesseCNC machine center Biesse Rover 272001Poland
BiesseCNC machine center Biesse Rover 30 S31999Italy
BiesseCNC machine center Biesse Rover 30L22001Turkey
BiesseCNC machine center Biesse Rover 3461994Germany
BiesseCNC machine center Biesse Skipper 1302012Italy
CentauroCNC machine center CENTAURO ALPHA2009UK
WeekeCNC machine center CNC WEEKE VENTURE 3 2004Poland
HomagCNC machine center HOMAG BOF 1302003Turkey
BiesseCNC machine center HOMAG Optimat BOF 120/50/24/2/GA2001Turkey
HomagCNC machine center HOMAG Optimat BOF 32/30 G2001Turkey
MorbidelliCNC machine center Morbidelli Author 5031997Poland
MorbidelliCNC machine center Morbidelli Author 5041994Poland
MorbidelliCNC machine center Morbidelli Author 5041995Poland
MorbidelliCNC machine center Morbidelli Author 5101992Poland
MorbidelliCNC machine center Morbidelli Author 5101992Germany
MorbidelliCNC machine center Morbidelli Author 5101997Poland
MorbidelliCNC machine center Morbidelli Author 510 1995Poland
MorbidelliCNC machine center Morbidelli Author 600 KLS,2002Poland
MorbidelliCNC machine center Morbidelli AUTHOR X5-36 EVO2008Finland
MorbidelliCNC machine center Morbidelli U 461994Poland
BiesseCNC machine center Rover 20 CE1999Kosovo
BiesseCNC machine center ROVER B 4.352006Latvia
SCMCNC machine center SCM 220 TVS1997Poland
SCMCNC machine center SCM Record 1302002Turkey
SCMCNC machine center SCM Routronic 1998Kosovo
SCMCNC machine center SCM Tech 80 Plus2001Austria
SCMCNC machine center SCM Tech 80 Plus2001Poland
SCMCNC machine center SCM Tech 80 Plus2001Turkey
WeekeCNC machine center Weeke BHC 360 Profiline 2007Poland
WeekeCNC machine center WEEKE Ventura 5L2006Germany
HomagCNC machine center, HOMAG Joker BAZ 41 /K2000Poland
HirztCNC point to point boring machine HIRZT F82007Belgium
HymmenCoater, Hymmen roller coater ELX-S1999Sweden
BarberanCoating line Baraberan Filling /roller coating line + UV Dryer2001Germany
WEMA Probstcomb. Rounder WEMA Probst Combined Rounders1988Chile
Atlas CopcoCompressor Atlas Copco Type GA 3081980Lithuania
LaursenCrosscut saw LYKKE LAURSEN1980Chile
SorbiniCurtain Roller Sorbini TM 95 / 1E1995Norway
ELUMATECcutting saw ELUMATEC DG 104 1999Finland
Holytekcutting saw Holytek cutting saw, Type HDS -RR41994Germany
Omgacuttingsaw Omga TRF-527TRF1998Germany
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone 261966Germany
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone 261965Germany
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone 261978Chile
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone 261965Chile
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone 261973Germany
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone 261966Germany
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone 26M 1981Finland
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone 26M 1977Germany
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone 26M 1975Germany
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone 26M 1976Chile
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone 26M 1973Germany
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone 26M 1976Germany
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone 26MX 1993South Africa
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone 26MX 1985Germany
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone 26T1971Chile
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone VK 161970Germany
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone VK 161980Germany
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone VK 16R1985Germany
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone VK 261965Chile
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone VK 26 M1978Ireland
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone VK 26 T1974Germany
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone VK 26M1970Germany
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone VK 26M1973Germany
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone VK26 M1978Chile
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone VK26MX2005Chile
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone VK4501994Germany
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone VK6001989Germany
ValonkoneDebarking line Valonkone VK600 2R/ 1 debarker+1 reducer1998Romania
Valonkonedebarking trailer , VOLVO Trailer with assambled VK26M1972Chile
Homagdouble edge bander HOMAG Double Sizing & Edge banding 2005Italy
Homagdouble endtenoner Homag Profi FR 20/03/302006Germany
SCMdouble endtenoner SCM Concept 2000 1996Poland
OmgaDouble mitre saw OMGA TR 2BN2004Estonia
Homagdouble side entenoner PROFI FL 20/03/15 HOMAG2004Germany
HelmaDouble spindle milling machine Helma CF401980Germany
Ayendoweling machine AYEN ALMOMAT AL 2001985Poland
Gannomatdoweling machine GANNOMAT "PROTEC T2/80" 2005Sweden
KOCHdoweling machine Koch Sprint SPRINT PTP2003Finland
VITAPdoweling machine Vitap Alfa 21R1995Germany
FLOTTDrilling machine Flott TB 152017Sweden
EnormEdge sander Enorm NTS 1000 1991Finland
SamcoEdge sander SAMCO Unilev 1501985Lithuania
SCMEdge sander SCM Minimax Unilev2000Bosnia
SCMEdge sander SCM MINIMAX UNILEV 1501998Germany
Brandtedgebander BRANDT KDF 550 C2008Turkey
BrandtEdgebander Brandt Optimat KD 78 CF2000Ghana
HolzherEdgebander Holzher Sprint ,13122006UK
HolzherEdgebander Holzher Triathlon14241995UK
Homagedgebander HOMAG OPTIMAT KL 78/A20/S22000Turkey
IDMEdgebander IDM Level KS RT S42005Italy
HomagEdgebander OPTIMAT KL 79/1/E122000Italy
ALKOexhauster ALKO Mobil Jet 1602000Latvia
FELDERexhauster Felder Dust mobile AF222015Finland
FELDERexhauster FELDER RL 200 2005Finland
Höckerexhauster Höcker Polytechnik 1994Germany
FalcioniFalcioni paint cabin with water filter system2002Estonia
DISAFilter system DISA 2 Exhausting units,1998Lithuania
DISAFilter System DISA NFKZ 2000 8+1 HJLR2003Germany
DISAFilter system Filter System DISA NFKZ 2000 8+1 HJLR2003Germany
DieffenbacherFinger Jointing line Dieffenbacher 2000Ethiopia
OBLESFinger jointing line OBLES FJS-VSA-10601995Albania
HysterForklift Hyster Forklift H3.20 XML1999Finland
HYSTERforklift HYSTER H 3.50 XL1994Finland
HysterForklift Hyster H 4.00 XL1987Germany
HysterForklift Hyster H3.20 XML, year 19991999Finland
KalmarForklift Kalmar Typ DC 16-12001990Netherland
KramerForklift Kramer wheel loader 312 SL1985Finland
Kramer Forklift Kramer wheel loader 312 SL1995Finland
TCMForklift TCM Diesel1991Finland
Altendorfformat panel saw Altendorf C 45 1998Germany
Altendorfformat panel saw Altendorf Elmo 3 1995Germany
Altendorfformat panel saw Altendorf F 451989Finland
Altendorfformat panel saw Altendorf F 451995Finland
Altendorfformat panel saw ALTENDORF F45 ELMO IV2008UK
Altendorfformat panel saw Altendorf F461995Poland
FELDERformat panel saw FELDER FORMAT 4 Kappa 402008Finland
FELDERformat panel saw FELDER FORMAT 4 KAPPA 4502007Finland
Kölleformat panel saw Kölle Formatic1998Germany
Kölleformat panel saw Kölle Formatic1998Germany
Altendorfformat panelsaw Altendorf C 901998Germany
Altendorfformat panelsaw Altendorf Elmo 31999Finland
Altendorfformat panelsaw Altendorf ELMO 41999Germany
Altendorfformat panelsaw Altendorf ELMO F 452001UK
Altendorfformat panelsaw Altendorf ELMO F 452003UK
Altendorfformat panelsaw Altendorf F 451985Germany
Altendorfformat panelsaw Altendorf F 451986France
Altendorfformat panelsaw Altendorf F 451996Germany
Altendorfformat panelsaw Altendorf F 45 1986Germany
Altendorfformat panelsaw ALTENDORF F 45 CE2002Poland
Altendorfformat panelsaw ALTENDORF F 45 CE2004Finland
Altendorfformat panelsaw Altendorf F 901986Germany
Altendorfformat panelsaw Altendorf F451995Germany
Altendorfformat panelsaw Altendorf F451988Germany
Altendorfformat panelsaw Altendorf F45 1990Estonia
Altendorfformat panelsaw Altendorf F45 ELMO IV 2004Finland
Altendorfformat panelsaw Altendorf F901987Estonia
FELDERformat panelsaw Felder Format 4 KAPPA 4002013Finland
FELDERformat panelsaw Felder Kappa 4502005Finland
FELDERformat panelsaw Felder Kappa 450 2002Finland
FELDERformat panelsaw FORMAT-4 Kappa 40 x-motion2007Germany
FELDERformat panelsaw FORMAT-4 Kappa 450 Formatsaw2002Switzerland
Martinformat panelsaw Martin T 721987Germany
Martinformat panelsaw Martin T 72,1991Germany
Panhansformat panelsaw Panhans1996Germany
SACformat panelsaw SAC KS 5001990Austria
WeinigFour side planer Weinig Unimat 17A1983Lithuania
EUROMECglas cutting table EUROMEC SEMI 12011Finland
Fladdergrinding Fladder AUT -1000 VAC2000Austria
Fladdergrinding Fladder ladder Ggyro 3001992Germany
Fladdergrinding Fladder ladder Ggyro 3001991Germany
Fladdergrinding Fladder ladder Ggyro 3001999Germany
Fladdergrinding Fladder ladder Ggyro 3001999Hungaria
Macogrinding machine MACO 8501990Romania
Reform grinding machine REFORM Reform AR8 L1996Germany
Weiniggrinding machine WEINIG Rondamat 960,2001Belarus
Lorochgrinding machine Loroch JLM 361975Esthonia
Reformgrinding machine Reform AR 8 Typ L1979Germany
Reform grinding machine REFORM AR 8L1985Germany
Stehle grinding machine Stehle S 911 tool grinder 1997Romania
Vollmergrinding machine Vollmer CABG U 50 1991Germany
Weiniggrinding machine Weinig RONDAMAT 9361992Germany
Timberjack Harvester Timberjack 10702001Chile
HolzmannHolzmann heavy duty mortise STM262012Finland
Holzmahorizontal panel saw Holzma HPL 11/38/222000Turkey
Holzmahorizontal panel saw HOLZMA HPP 350/38/382009UK
Holzmahorizontal panel saw HOLZMA HPP 350/38/38/R2009Turkey
Homaghorizontal panel saw HOMAG ESPANA Optimat CH 04 / 32 / 32 / E2000Kosovo
Scheerhorizontal panel saw Scheer horizontal PA 4137 DNC,2001Turkey
Scheerhorizontal panel saw SCHEER PA 4130 1997Switzerland
Scheerhorizontal Panel Saw Scheer PA 4137.2001Turkey
Scheerhorizontal panel saw SCHEER PA7000 P2004Turkey
SELCOhorizontal panel saw SELCO EBT 120L2002Poland
SCM horizontal panel saw SIGMA 65 C 322001Poland
TRIABInfrared Speed oven -Dryer1998Estonia
Göckelknive grinding machine G 401982Latvia
SICARkomb machine SICAR Brava TS 2501993Finland
FELDERkomb. machine FELDER 6-311991Finland
FELDERkomb. machine Felder BF 6-41 1993Germany
FELDERkomb. machine FELDER BF-6-411991Finland
FELDERkomb. machine FELDER KF 7002000Germany
SCMkomb. machine SCM Group TOP Master K 3501990Finland
Casedeikomb. Planer Casedei FS 511984Germany
Holzmannlathe HOLZMANN VD 1000 N 2003Finland
MVMlathe MVM Italy T 1500 1995France
LeadermacLeadermac compact 623, year 20012001Czechia
WeinigMeasuring Stand WEINIG O.M.A. 9701988Sri Lanka
Magicmoulder Magic MPT 27 1990Germany
SACmoulder SAC Type TS 1251990Germany
SCMmoulder SCM Lìnvicible T 1601978Germany
SCMmoulder SCM Lìnvicible T 1611978Germany
SCMmoulder SCM T 1101988Finland
A.CostaMulti Ripsaw A.Costa Tigre1967Italy
CosmecMulti Ripsaw COSMEC SM 2501988Belgium
CosmecMulti Ripsaw COSMEC SM 3201981Belgium
CosmecMulti Ripsaw COSMEC SM 3201981Belgium
GiuntiniMulti Ripsaw GIUNTINI type T4001987Belgium
RaimannMulti Ripsaw Raimann K471989Bahamas
RaimannMulti Ripsaw Raimann KS 3101997Sweden
JonseredMulti Ripsaw saw Jonsered / HJO SM 80 p1985Poland
JonseredMulti Ripsaw SM 90 Jonsered1983Sweden
Grecon DimterOpt. Cutting saw GRECON DIMTER Opticut 104 R1999Scotland
StromabOpt. Cutting saw STROMAB CT 6002006Germany
GRECONOptimization cross-cut saw GreCon Dimter OptiCut S 75-4,2001Poland
StromabOptimization cross-cut saw Stromab WS 1,2014Czechia
Pall PackPall Pack 2000, palett packing machine2000Austria
Schneiderpanelsaw Schneider S11981Finland
SaulusPivoting and lifting device1990Switzerland
Jonseredplaner / moulder Jonsered 733-431965Finland
Leadermacplaner / moulder Leadermac compact 6232003Germany
Leadermacplaner / moulder Leadermac Hypermac LMC 830 H2007Netherland
SCMplaner / moulder SCM COMPACT 22S 1995Croatia
Weinigplaner / moulder Weinig Hydromat 23 LAN 2001Germany
Weinigplaner / moulder WEINIG moulder U17B , 9 spindles1985Latvia
Weinigplaner / moulder WEINIG POWERMAT2005Germany
Weinigplaner / moulder Weinig Powermat 20002005Netherland
Weinigplaner / moulder WEINIG Profimat 23 FORTEC2003Estland
Weinigplaner / moulder Weinig U 22N 8 spindle moulder1983Estonia
Weinigplaner / Moulder WEINIG U23E1999Poland
FELDERplaner FELDER D 9512005Finland
FELDERplaner Felder D 951 Powerdrive 2009Germany
Griggioplaner Griggio PSA 6301998Germany
REXplaner Heavy duty heavy duty REX HOMS-310-K- 4 spindles,2000Belgium
KöllePlaner KÖLLE HDA-631986Finland
Kupfermühleplaner Kupfermühle DOMA– G 2050 wide planer 1970Germany
Kupfermühleplaner Kupfermühle Wide planing machine1968Germany
Panhansplaner PANHANS DH 8101985Germany
Griggioplaner PSA 6301999Estonia
SACplaner SAC R 5301985Germany
SCMplaner SCM Type S 521980Finland
BGUplaner surfacer BGU KAD 30 1988Finland
Hammerplaner surfacer HAMMER A3- 312014Finland
Hammerplaner surfacer HAMMER A3- 312012Finland
Hammerplaner surfacer HAMMER A3- 312014Finland
Hammerplaner surfacer HAMMER A3- 312018Finland
Hammerplaner surfacer HAMMER A3- 412013Finland
Hofmannplaner surfacer Hofmann - AD 5101985Germany
Panhansplaner surfacer Panhans1980Finland
Roblandplaner surfacer Robland SDB 510 1999Germany
Roblandplaner surfacer Robland SDB 5112000Finland
SCMplaner surfacer SCM FS 5201998Germany
SCMplaner surfacer SCM planer FS 5191995Latvia
Griggioplaner Thicknesser Griggio PS 5201990Germany
Verboomplaner Verboom VD-5001985Finland
Kuivunenpress BLOCK gluing press Kuivunen KY Finland 12 m1990Romania
Bonacinpress Case clamp Bonacin Nina2008Netherland
KOYOpress Gluing star KOYO 25001998Estonia
Höferpress Höfer Korpus press KPRL1989Germany
JonseredProfil grinder Jonsered TL-201980Latvia
JonseredProfil grinder Jonsered TL-201985Lithuania
JonseredProfil grinder Jonsered TL-201985Pakistan
JF profile grinder JF-300 Cutter Grinder2008Ukraine
MaggiRadialarmsaw BEST 960 CE 400/50/3PH2019Finland
DEWALTRadialarmsaw DEWALT 16001990Germany
MaggiRadialarmsaw Maggi 640 Junior2001Germany
Agazzaniresaw Agazzani R 8002003Czechia
Griggioresaw Griggio SNAC 9402002Austria
Gullmecresaw GULLMEC BKG 1100 A1989Austria
Jonseredresaw Jonsered CKG1980Sweden
Meberresaw MEBER SR/900 1990Germany
Stenner resaw Resaw Stenner ST100 R2014Sweden
Stennerresaw Stenner ST 1002005Australia
Stennerresaw Stenner ST 92000Germany
Stennerresaw Stenner ST 92000Estonia
Stennerresaw Stenner ST 92000Germany
Stenner resaw Stenner ST100 2003Belgium
Stennerresaw Stenner VHM 361973Slovenia
Resawresaw Stenner VHM 36, 3“1970Germany
Stennerresaw Stenner VHM 36, 3“1971Russia
Stennerresaw Stenner VHM 36, 3”1980Poland
Stennerresaw Stenner VHM 371970Estonia
Canaliresaw, CANALI Resaw line with mechanization1981Germany
ValonkoneRod rounding machines “Valonkone “ for logs1990Poland
Pinomaticroller conveyor PINOMATIC Motorised 2000Netherland
SCMsander SICAR CN sander1988Germany
Pallmansaw Pallman PHM S 8-61987Germany
Pallmansaw Pallman PZ 81981Germany
KaraSawmill machine KARA1980Chile
Atlas CopcoScrew Compressor Atlas Copco Type GA 3081980U.A.E
VollmerSharpening machine for cicular saws Vollmer CNE1964Israel
VollmerSharpening machine for cicular saws Vollmer CNE1955Israel
VollmerSharpening machine for cicular saws Volmmer CNE 1974Israel
VollmerSharpening machine for cicular saws Volmmer CNE 1970Israel
VollmerSharpening machine for cicular saws Volmmer CNE 1970Israel
Ligmatech Stacker LIGMATECH MPH 100/602006Italy
PinomaticStacker Pinomatic SS-25002001Poland
PinomaticStacker Pinomatic stacker 19002000Estonia
Giardinastacker, angular transfers Giardina Italy1995Netherland
StrojarneSTROJARNE PIESOK XK, swivel bending machine1987Germany
SCMsurfacer SCM F 5L 1985Estonia
Griggiosurfacer Griggio PF4301990Germany
SCMsurfacer SCM F 4101994Danmark
SCMsurfacer SCM F410 1995Switzerland
SCMsurfacer SCM NOVA F 410 1994UK
JostingVeneer cutter Josting EFS 26001969Latvia
BECKVeneer press BECK Kontra Star C 3 10502004Canada
OTTVeneer press Ott Furnierpresse ST 2513-1051990Germany
OTTVeneer press OTT, Type ST2513/901986Germany
WeinigWeinig Rondamat R 929, grinding machine 1988Norway
WeinigWeinig Rondamat R 930 profil grinder1982Germany
WeinigWeinig Rondamat R 931 grinder1983Germany
WeinigWeinig Rondamat R 931 grinder1984Germany
BütferingWide belt sander Bütfering SCO Diamond 111C2005Germany
CostaWide belt sander COSTA LEVIGATRICI Serie A CT 11502000Belarus
CostaWide belt sander Costa S A1 TKT 1350 2008Italy
HeesemannWide belt sander Heesemann LSM –8 -S 2001Germany
HeesemannWide belt sander Heesemann LSM 8 –U-S 2001Germany
SandingmasterWide belt sander Sandigmaster,1985Germany
SandingmasterWide belt sander SANDINGMASTER CSB 6001980Germany
VIETwide belt sander VIET Challenge 223 TM2001Germany
VietmacWide belt sander Vietmac PL-84 Kombi 1988Poland
Vietwidebelt sander, CALIBR. LINE VIET Valeria 4CCCC-ING+SUP2008Italy
WoodmizerWoodmizer LT 15, horizontal bandsaw2009Germany