€6,900 (EUR)

1985 Randek SE 6 cutting saw SE 6

Malax, Finland



Randek SE 6 cutting saw

The Randek SE 6 series of cutting saws works effectively and precisely and is easy to operate.

The saw blade of this semi-automatic saw enables infinitely adjustable angle cuts.

The large diameter of the saw blade also makes it possible to cut several stacked pieces of wood.

Angle cuts from 0° to 360

Saw blade:

Carbide tipped,

700 mm Ø / 116 teeth,

360 ° horizontally infinitely variable,

cutting height approx. 250 mm

Motor: 5,5 kW

Supply voltage 3x400 VAC +N+PE 35A 50 Hz

Air supply / air consumption

7 bar ≈ 500 NL/min

2 pcs. Pneumatic workpiece downholder

2 roller conveyors approx. 3m ( right / left )

Weight 1200 Kg

technical data under reserve

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ManufacturerRandek SE 6 cutting saw
ModelSE 6