2003 GRIGGIO ITALY Format panel saw Griggio SC 3200 E

Malax, Finland



Format panel saw Griggio SC 3200 E

Manufacturer: Griggio

Model: SC 3200 E

Year of production: 2003


Technical information:

sliding table  385mm x 3200mm

sawing length 3260mm

sawing width on the right side 1250mm

motor power 5.5kW

blade diameter, max 450mm -spindle diameter 30mm

sawing height 155mm

blade tilt 0-46

sawing height, 45 degrees 125mm

blade rotation speeds rpm 3200-4000-6000

scoring unit blade diameter 125mm spindle diameter 20mm –

blade rotation speed 8000rpm

scoring unit motor 0.75kW

table height 830mm


overhead panel

three-axis electronic control:

lifting the main blade electronically

tilting the main blade electrically

lateral displacement of the left fence electrically


external dimensions 3250x3300mm

weight 1200 Kg

CE- marked


technical information under the subject of corrections



ModelFormat panel saw Griggio SC 3200 E