€15,900 (EUR)

JKF Blower Filter BF 36- 3.5, year 2003

Malax, Finland



JKF Blower Filter BF 36- 3.5, year 2003

manufacture JKF Denmark

year 2003

( only 2 years in use )


18,5 kW Fan


Filter area: 60m2

D= 1500mm

H= 8338mm


TOP 600 x 600mm

Side opening= 300 x 800mm

Bottom diameter 400mm



The blower filter is an under- and over-pressure filter, designed for

continuous operation.Constructed as a self-supporting sheet metal construc-

tion. The round design ensures great strength combined with low weight.



Powder coated to corrosion class C3 cf. ISO 12944.



The Blower and Jet filters are fitted with 180º tangential inlets to ensure

effective sorting of heavy materials before the process air passes through

the filter medium.

Blower and Jet filters are also available with total separators. Standard

height is 1000 mm, with the inlet at 90ºC. This type of inlet is used in

plants in which the process air contains heavy and sharp articles to prevent

them coming into contact with the filter medium.


Cleaning system

BF-36, 60 and 84/90-ET filters are available with PowerPulse® or Blower

cleaning. JF-9 and JF-18-filters are supplied with Jet or Blower cleaning.

Discharge system

Conical or scraper bottoms are available for the discharge system, but silo

filter is also available.



BF-36, 60 and 84/90-ET with PowerPulse® cleaning and external compressed

air have approved explosion membranes. Choose between side venting

or JKF’s specially developed VFV® explosion relief venting, which vents

explosion pressure vertically through the filter top. The filters fulfil pressure

shock-resistance according to VDI 2263. Venting according to VDI 3673. The

Jet filter with external compressed air source is supplied ATEX-approved.

B l o w e r a n d J e t f i l t e r s

Operating range

Pressure: +/- 5000 Pa (available up to +20 kPa to -10 kPa)



Operating range

Pressure: +/- 5000 Pa (available up to +20 kPa to -10 kPa)


Filter area: 60 m²

Max. operating temperature: 70ºC

Min. operating temperature: -20ºC (available for: -40 ºC)



Gear motor Blower/Jet cleaning:

Type 36: 5.5 kW, 2860 min-1, 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz, 11 A


Cleaning fan

Type 36: 18,5 kW, 2860 min-1, 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz, 11 A



Rotary valve type JK-S

( 0,55 kW )



weight= 1305 Kg

CE marked

technical information under subject of correction


ManufacturerJKF Industri Denmark
ModelBF 36 3.5