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Valonkone VK26 debarking machine

Malax, Finland

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Valonkone VK26 as renovated debarker incl. in and out feeding table

Renovated and workshop inspected

Operating: for softwood

Timber length 2,5- 6m

Log diameter: 10-61cm

The speed of the debarker is, depending on the ambient conditions 20-35m/ min

The Valonkone VK26 lines consisting of:

• main machine

• infeeding table

• outfeeding sliding table

• new electric cabinet

technical main specification:

debarking capacity: 10cm - 61cm diameter

4 cutting knives ( or abrader after demand )

4 cutting knives

speed of the rotor =210 rpm / min

Rotor opening=65cm

30 KW motor, rpm 1500/ min

Dimension (without in feed and out feed table)

L= 9400mm

In feeding table:

3490mm x 1000mm x 1930mm

conveyor chain feeder

Power transmission with separate motor

Weight 1170 Kg

main VK26 machine:

2370mm x 2200mm x 2350mm

Main motor 30 kW

Gearing motor 11 kW

Weight 3800 Kg

out feeding table (slide cradle):

3000mm x 960mm x 1350mm

Weight 760 Kg

We are by the renovation and can provide soon original photos.

The renovation process essentially comprises

- complete disassembly ( all parts except the frame are removed )

- repairing the sheet metal, replacing any cut-outs

- Check rotor bearings, check blade axles and partially repair them.

- Order bearings and wear parts (cardan shafts).

- Repair the tables and add new plates to the edge strips, partly new conveyor chains.

- New belts

- Check and repair the gear motors.

- New switch cabinet

- partly sandblasting or derusting and new primer top coating