€9,999 (EUR)

1990 Wadkin Planer / Moulder GD 220 / 5 U

Malax, Finland



S/ N 94236- 90706 Maximum size of timber admitted 230mm x 130mm Maximum size of finished timber 220mmm x 120mm Infinitely variable feed speeds 6/22m/min Spindle diameter 40mm Spindlespeed 6OOOr.p.m. length of infeed straightening table 2m Machine bed height 825mm Maximum cut on bottom head 10mm Maximum cut on fence side head 10mm Feed motor 2kW(3hp) MOTOR POWERS: First bottom 5.5kW(7.5hp) Fence side head 5.5kW(7.5hp) Nearsidehead 5.5kW(7.5hp) Top head 7.5kW (lOhp) Second bottom head 5.5kW(7.5hp) Universal 5.5kW(75hp) All heads except first bottom min l00 mm max 195mm Basic planing moulding cutting circle 125mm 400 Volt, 50 Hz, 80 AMP, 3-Phase Pneumatic pressure rollers CE marked including tools ! excellent condition


ManufacturerGD 220 / 5 U