€4,999 (EUR)

StrongLine Screw Compressor with Dryer 270L 1450L 10 bar

Malax, Finland

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StrongLine Screw Compressor with Dryer 270L 1450L 10 bar

year 2018

made in Italy FNA Spa

8 operating hours ( show room machine )


motor 15 hp / 11 kW / 400 V

- output 1450 l/min

- tank 270 l

- pressure 10 bar

- noise level 69 dB

- oil volume 6.5 l

- with dryer


dimensions D 650 x W 1550 x H 1510 mm

weight 363 kg

CE marked



- very high quality screw compressor for professional use and for other demanding applications, very powerful due to its 10 bar air pressure, suitable for in-line installation

- the compressor is manufactured in Italy, the factory has 50 years of experience in compressors, each compressor undergoes 100 % testing before dispatch

- screw compressor has a cleverly built drying system where air goes first to the tank and then to the dryer, this way some water can be separated before the dryer so the water separation is more efficient

- dryer operates with its own 230 voltage so it can be switched on or off independently

- device also has electronic controls, which include prevention of incorrect connections, thus preventing damage to the device, the device also indicates automatically any need for maintenance

- rotary screw compressor is very quiet in operation which makes it also very suitable for small space


ModelScrew Compressor with Dryer 270L 1450L 10 bar