€5,999 (EUR)

Gardner Denver Variable Speed Srew Air compressor

Malax, Finland



Gardner Denver Variable Speed Srew Air compressor

Type VS11 TK-7,5 A

Year 2017

200 operating hours ( like new )

S / N BA446430001


Drive Motor 11 kW

free Air Delivery at 7,5 bar, nominal 0,63-1,81m3 /min

Noise 70 dBA

Weight 231 Kg


Dimensions: L x W x H = 667mm x 630mm x 1050mm



+ Gardener Refrigeration Dryer GDD 18 S

year 2017

S/N 399371890002

Max Air Temp 65 C

Min temp. 5 C

Max Temp  50 C


230V 0,33 kW

weight 36 Kg



Complete compressor station

includes compressor and refrigerant dryer, both mounted on a tank.


Reliable add-on refrigerant dryer


    Minimum power consumption.

    Digital dew point indicator.

    Condensate drain incorporated.

    Environmentally friendly refrigerant.

    Ensuring top performance and reliability with minimum pressure losses.


High quality air receiver


    Built to the highest standard EN 87/404.

    With pre dried high quality air, no condensate collects in the receiver.


ManufacturerGardner Denver
ModelType VS11 TK-7,5 A