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CEFLA Sorbini Smartcoater T20/ 2 MF, year 2001

Malax, Finland

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CEFLA Sorbini Smartcoater T20/ 2 MF

Year of manufacture 2001


Combined roller machine, which can be used both as roller coater and filler machine 

for application of low density fillers on porous wood, cavec boards, chipboards.


Roller coater for applying fillers, primers and top coats. 

1. with application and metering rollers 

2. with steel smoothing roller. 


roller 1: 35 shore

roller 2: 40 shore


working width = 1300 mm

height of the workpiece 3-80 mm

speed 4-20 m/min

working height 880 - 940 mm

total power 3,4 kW

Belt transport

operating side: left

Dimensions: L X W x H = 1,78m x 3,0m x 1,5m

Weight 2350 Kg

CE marking


Technical data under reserve


ManufacturerCefla Sorbini
ModelT20/ 2 MF
Serial NumberMR2TFF21108