OTT Carcase press KP 2513

Malax, Finland



OTT Carcase press KP 2513

year of manufacture 1985


max. usable size 2500 x 1350 x 700 mm

2 three-phase motors 1,1 kW

air pressure 6 bar, 1/4 " air connection

Carcase press with sizes between 200 x 200mm up to max 2500 x 1350mm

carcass stiffness 100 to 700mm




The machine consists of an absolutely angular stable steel frame with plane machined surfaces.

One vertical and one horizontal pressure surface is driven by a threaded spindle.



Mode of operation

Furniture carcasses of any size between 200 x 200 mm and 2500 x 1350 mm can be pressed automatically and without set-up times.

Carcase depth 100 to 700 mm.

Both movable pressure surfaces are moved together to the carcase size by 1 three-phase geared motor each via threaded spindles.

The pressure surfaces are stopped in front of the carcase via contact less switching elements. There is an automatic changeover to the pressing speed.

The pressing pressure is regulated independently of each other by a pneumatically actuated slipping clutch for each drive unit.

When the set value is reached, the drive motors switch off.

Due to the interlocking pressure surfaces, no additional pressure beams or counter bearings are required.

A key switch can be used to pre-select between manual operation and semi-automatic programmed,

The opening of the interlocking pressure surfaces is limited by 1 adjustable limit switch each.


Weight 2000 Kg



ManufacturerOtt Germany
ModelKP 2513