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2002 Gannomat GANNOMAT "ELITE 25 "S, year 2002


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GANNOMAT "ELITE 25 "S, year 2002 FULLY-AUTOMATIC DRILLING GLUING AND INSERTING MACHINE Drilling and dowel insertion machine for simultaneous drilling, gluing and dowel insertion Year of construction 2002 - Universal drilling and dowel inserting machine - Simplest operation - Closed glue system - Suitable for panel and solid wood processing - Optional, additional vertical drilling unit - Relieves strain on CNC machining centers - Optimal complement to nesting machines 1 horizontal drilling unit with 25 spindles, pitch 32 mm, motor 2,2 kW 6 dowel insertion stations for 0 8 mm, dowel length 25 - 50 mm (adjusted to dowel length 35 mm) 4 Pneumatic clamping cylinders Digital totalizer for setting: Drilling depth from 0 - 45 mm, Drive-in overhang 5 - 15 mm Position adjustment for drilling height above support table 5 - 40 mm 1 pair of side stops from 5 - 40 mm -Closed glue system with 6 bar glue pressure -Glue quantity freely adjustable via potentiometer by means of electronic control -1 stainless steel container for 5 kg glue as well as - 1 stainless steel container for 51 water for rinsing -LEIM/WASSER selector switch for flushing the glue system -Control lamp for glue residue indicator in glue container -Fully automatic electronic control with foot valve (self-diagnosis) Masch. No. 140.089 (400V, 3Ph, 50Hz, 2,2 kW,) 1pcs 0410-0080 Exhaust device, dm 120 mm 2pcs 0410-9010 Seperate dowel insertion station for dowels 0 8x35 mm 1pcs 0410-9020 Upcharge for electronically controlled mirror image program


ModelGANNOMAT "ELITE 25 "S, year 2002