€16,900 (EUR)

Veneer press Sormec TL150 ( 350 x 130cm )

Malax, Finland



Veneer press Sormec TL150

Working size 350 x130cm

Year 1995

Manufacture SORMEC Italy

21 kW total power

Electric warming up of the 2 plates

Pressing Unit Surface dimensions: 1300 mm x 3500 mm

Total pressure 150 Tons

8 pistons with a diameter of 70 mm and a clamping height of 250 mm.

The amount of pressure in 80% of the surface plate is 2.4 kg/cm2

The compression of the press is from the bottom up.

Pressing from the side of 4500 mm is available.


ManufacturerSormec Italy
ModelTL 150