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Valonkone Debarker VK450

Malax, Finland

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Valonkone Debarker VK450

Year 1987

Debarking diameter (mm) 80 - 480   

Min. log length (m) 2.2          

Weight (kg)     13,500            

Motor: rotor (kW) 55

Motor: feed works (kW) 3x11


Refurbished / workshop tested Valonkone debarking machine:

The renovation process essentially comprises.


- repairing the sheet metal, replacing any cut-outs

- Check rotor bearings, check blade axles and partially repair them.

- Order bearings and wear parts (cardan shafts).

- Repair the tables and add new plates to the edge strips, partly new conveyor chains.

- New belts

- Check and repair the gear motors.

- New switch cabinet

- partly sandblasting or derusting and new primer top coating


The debarker model VK450 was the first of the “new generation” VK debarker models followed by models VK600 and VK800.

It quickly became the most sought-after small log debarker on the market.

This proven technology still serves hundreds of small log sawmills around the world.

The long-lasting popularity of the VK450 debarker is based on its reliability and ease of use,

which guarantees high-quality debarking results with minimum operating cost.



  • Fixed debarking rotor – centering of logs with infeed conveyor
  • Fully automatic debarker – no operator needed
  • Rotor size Ø48 cm – always with six debarker tool arms
  • Hydraulic pressure system for tool arms
  • Feedroll size Ø58 cm
  • Standard model comes with six feedrolls – eight feedroll version available for short logs (SL-version)
  • Hydraulic pressure system for feedrolls
  • VK infeed conveyor always as standard



  • Simple construction of both the rotor and machine frame allowing for easy maintenance
  • Strong tool arms are made of forged steel – replaceable carbide tool tips
  • Different tool tip versions available ensuring optimal debarking quality in varying conditions
  • Feedrolls with replaceable inserts (FibreMax) for easy maintenance – different insert types available ensuring grip in varying conditions
  • Simple hydraulic system of feedrolls facilitates maintenance and guarantees steady production
  • Centering VK infeed conveyor guides logs smoothly between feedrolls for minimal fiber loss



VK450 Infeed Conveyor VK450

Log diameter 60 - 600 mm

Length of infeed conveyor 3484 mm

Height of infeed line 985 mm

Weight 3100 kg

Drive 11 kW



  • Robust and simple design
  • Hydraulic pressure system for conveyor through and pressure roll/flap
  • Pre-opening function for pressure roll/flap
  • Robust V-flight chain to push log forward into debarker



  • Accurate log centering both vertically and horizontally (X-Y centering) prevents log-end damage
  • Improved feeding of small, curved, and low-grade logs for optimal debarking quality with minimal fiber loss
  • Calms down log before entering debarker when feeding high-speed and/or without log-gap
  • Simple operating prin