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Vollmer CHHF 21 H – machine for single-sided grinding

Malax, Finland

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Vollmer CHHF 21 H – machine for single-sided grinding

year 1989

S/N 907

Manufacture Vollmer Germany

in good working condition

Technical data of the CHHF 21H at a glance:

Circular saw blades

Outside diameter 80 to 700 mm

Bore diameter 20 to 105 mm

Tooth pitch from 8 mm

Hook angle to 30 °

Radial clearance angle -7° to +3 °

Tangential clearance angle to 5 °

Connected load appr. 0.52 kW

Weight appr. 85 kg

Dimensions 70 x 50 x 80 cm

This machine was designed especially for the repair of

missing carbide teeth. Newly inserted tips are ground in

alignment with the existing teeth.

With this table-top version, VOLLMER is offering

a particularly economical,space-saving solution. The

CHHF 21 H uses the wet grinding technique.


During the grinding process,the grinding unit is moved

manually over the tooth, flanks, the saw blade being

positioned by hand against a fixed stop.

The next tooth and then all the remaining teeth

can be ground until the required tooth flank dimension is




ModelVollmer CHHF 21 H