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1998 CMS Italy PMC 18-DOOR

Malax, Finland

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DOOR WORKING CENTER Manufacturer: CMS, Italy Model: PMC 18-DOOR Years: 1998 Moving bridge structure. Axis movements: X = 3500 mm 24 m / min Y = 1800 mm 32 m / min Z = 400 mm at 10 m / min Machining area 3500 x 1650 mm Working height 180 mm Frequency converter - 1 set for adjusting 22 kW to 1000 ... 18,000 rpm External equipment - 2 vacuum pumps of 140 m3 / h, with automatic regional vacuum mounting Automatic workingtable The desk is made up of two parallel vacuum cup rows and a powered roller conveyor. One row of vacuum cups is fixed and another row of cups can be moved by NC control to the position required by the workpiece width. The minimum center-to-center width is 310 mm and the maximum is 1380 mm. (The distance between the cup rows is calculated taking into account the outside dimensions of the vacuum cups) The vacuum cups are 80 x 146 mm and are 220 mm apart. This leaves a space for the motorized roller between the cups, which allows the workpiece to be placed on the desktop. There are three positions for motorized conveyor rollers: 1. 10 mm above the work surface for in / out feed 2. 10 mm below the work surface giving 3. 120mm Vacuum cups are in 13 rows in two rows The control unit Allen Bradley Type 10 / 365-422 Operating units - 4-headed turret - 2 HSK 63 vertical milling units, 13 kW 18,000 rpm - 2 horizontal units, one tiltable, 2.9 kW 18,000 rpm - 16-position overhead tool station


ManufacturerCMS Italy
ModelPMC 18-DOOR