2008 Kronseder Germany EUROVAC Kronseder KIT 150 Vacuum interval dryer KIT

Malax, Finland



EUROVAC Kronseder KIT 150 Vacuum interval dryer KIT
Year of manufacture 2008

1,5 m³ stacking space
S/ N 787
EUROVAC Versio: 0.92

The energy-saving system works according to the principle
conventional drying with a supply air flap and
For fast dehumidification, the exhaust air flap is installed in the
Vacuum pump inserted.

- 3-5 times faster drying times for valuable woods over 50 mm
- Low energy consumption due to fast drying times
- No cracking and distortion due to low temperatures in vacuum
- Favourable space utilisation as longitudinal fan

Stainless steel tank
Vacuum pump 65 m3 / h
Fan 500 Ø JP 65
Electric heater
Adjustable vacuum control with Variovac® system
Roller carriage painted with steel rollers with ball bearings

Capacity / stackable storage space cbm 1.5
Container diameter mm 900
Length of the system mm 5800
Width of the system mm 1000
Height of the system mm 1450

Length of the wood stack mm 4500
Wood stack width 700/800 mm
Height of the wood stack mm 600
Combined load (electrical) KW 9
Average consumption kW / h 3.
Weight 900 Kg


ManufacturerKronseder Germany
ModelEUROVAC Kronseder KIT 150 Vacuum interval dryer KIT
Serial Number787