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Wood EYE Wood EYE Crosscut Scanner

Malax, Finland

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Wood EYE Crosscut Scanner

Manufacturers Woodeye

Min - max board width mm 30-90
Min - max board thickness mm 20-55
Min - max board length mm 500-5000
Edge sides sawn
Length optimisation
Width optimisation
Colour recognition
Detection of cracks and knags
Texture recognition
profile recognition for wane profile errors
Thickness recognition
Fibre analysis
Detection planing faults
Detection of stains
Required space L x W x H mm 1930 X 1920 X 780

including in and outfeeder ( not on the photos )
last technical check 06/2017

since 1 year without use, sale in customers order


ManufacturerWood EYE
ModelWood EYE Crosscut Scanner