€3,900 (EUR)

Pressure blasting unit MISTRAL MP-02 Junior

Malax, Finland



Pressure blasting unit MISTRAL MP-02 Junior

Year of manufacture 2018

S/N LN50028

Manufacturer Leering Hengelo BV, NL

in very good almost new condition


Product description:

The MISTRAL® Junior pressure blast cabinet is a foundation loose blast cabinet, ergonomically equipped and suitable for the use of

of fine-grained inert and mineral blasting media.


Product features:

- Large viewing window for a good view

- 2 large swivel doors for perfect insertion of the material

- 1 filter cartridge with 4m² filter area

- Suitable for heavy abrasives up to grain size < 0.5mm / approx.4.0 g/cm³.



Fields of application:


- Cleaning

- derusting

- deburring

- Roughening

- Lapping etc.




The blasting process is initiated by pressing the foot switch.

A vacuum is created in the gun head and the abrasive is sucked out of the cabinet funnel through the discharge cup,

is accelerated and directed at high speed through the blasting nozzle onto the workpiece.

The resulting dust is sucked in and blasting abrasive that can still be used is sieved and returned to the cabinet funnel. Cleaning


Technical specifications:


Overall dimensions: 1925 x 1250 x 1280 mm

Working area (H x W x D): 790 x 790 x 790 mm

Door openings (H x W): 795 x 690 mm

Floor grid working height: 860 mm

Weight: 265 kg

Air consumption: ± 800 - 1,000 Lt./min at 6 bar and 8 mm blasting nozzle

Carbide blasting nozzle, optional Ø 6 or 8 mm

Air consumption 1800 or 2410 Ltr./min at 4 bar per nozzle.

Filter cartridge: 5 m²

Load capacity: 350 kg

Jet hose 1/2 ", between mixing chamber and jet nozzle, with nozzle holder


Complete electrical equipment, 230 V - 50 Hz

Frequency converter for speed regulation of the drum


ManufacturerLeering Hengelo BV, NL
ModelMP02 Junior
Serial NumberLN50028