NARDI automatically press line LYST 3000 x 1300mm

Malax, Finland



NARDI automatically press line LYST 3000 x 1300mm

Year 2005

Manufacture: Nardi srl Italy

S/N 02900123


Automatically gluing press ( for solid wood plates )

The line is composed as follow:

  • Main power board
  • Strip loading table with chain and motorised rollers
  • Gluing machine fitted with high pressure pump
  • Load setup table and pusher unit
  • Press ( 3,0 x 1,3m )- opening approx. 200mm
  • unloading station
  • safety fence


heating device: Oil heating with 30 kW connection power up to 140 degree

( The line can also be made in such a way that only the press and its front and back tables are used and the parts are glued separately )

Compessure air 8 bar

Weight of the main press: 7000 Kg

CE- marked


ManufacturerNardi Italy
ModelLYST 3000 x 1300mm
Serial Number02900123