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GABBIANI Double end Tenoner Line, T Modul

Malax, Finland

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GABBIANI Double end Tenoner Line, T Modul

year 1990

The machines are still available for viewing and in use until 4/2024

1. Gabbiani D.E.T unit 5 + 5 motor, working area 400 – 1800mm

2. Gabbiani D.E.T.unit 7 +7 motor, working area 600 – 2500mm.

between machines is 90 dgr transfer table

after 2. Gabbiania D.E.T. unit: turning station and automatic stacker

The machine's conveyor chains and frequency converters were renewed a few years ago.

Line have been in door production (squering and profiling) but it suits well also for panels production

including dismounting and loading to truck in Finland


ManufacturerGabbiani Italy
ModelDouble end Tenoner Line, T Modul