2008 Schüco Schüco Fittings Table FPM 250 AV

Malax, Finland



Schüco Fittings Table FPM 250 AV

year of construction 2008

S/N 283227

Good condition

manufacture SCHÜCO Germany

With the help of the fitting table, the production structure in the assembly department can be designed in such a way that a central work area is set up during operation for the complete sash assembly. Of course, ergonomics have also been taken into account for this machine: The adjustable inclination of the work platform takes these requirements into account.

The parameters of the window to be produced can be read into the control unit directly via the touch screen on the computer or - even more conveniently - generated in SchüCal+ via a barcode.

Installation dimensions:

L x W X H = 2.5m x 6.0m x 1.7m

Weight 800 Kg


ModelSchüco Fittings Table FPM 250 AV