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1999 Quickwood Italy Calibrating / Brushing machines QuickWood System

Malax, Finland

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Calibrating / Brushing machines QuickWood System

Type CD2-600

year 1999

SN 3314

Manufacturer: Quickwood Italy

Model: CD2-600

Working width 600 mm

Automatic machine with horizontal axes.

Suitable for brushing and rusticating panels and profiles on the upper side.

Sanding flat or slightly shaped panels

Sanding of rods, profiles and uprights of doors and windows

Treatment of straight shaped profile products

Rusticating floor in general

Height max 100mm

lenght of working pieces min 350mm

Belt speed 5m / min

Spindle speed 200-1200

max diameter of brushes 200-300mm

main motor for brush 2 x 0,75kW

main motor for structurig 2 x 1,5kw

Exhaust capacity 700m3 / h

net weight 500 Kg

Dimensions 1650 x 1700mm x 1850mm


ManufacturerQuickwood Italy
ModelCalibrating / Brushing machines QuickWood System