1985 Stenner UK Stenner VHE 105 Single Centre Cutting Resaw

Malax, Finland



Stenner VHE 105 Single Centre Cutting Resaw

in very good condition


  • Heavy-duty cast iron saw wheels - long life between pulley resurfacing.
  • Pressure saw guides - blade stability and cutting accuracy.
  • Pad and scraper cleaning system for saws and wheels, providing effective control of resin and sawdust build-up.
  • Cleaning fluid accurately controlled by drip feed valves with the automatic cut-off device, giving a correct flow of cleansing fluid.
  • Stepless feed speed 0 to 80 m/min.
  • Heavy steel fabrication - vibration-free cutting.
  • Centre, off-center, or dimension cutting. 
  • Feed rollers with spiral ‘flutes’ providing positive downward pressure on the timber.
  • The individual hydraulic motor on each feed roller, giving smooth and powerful feeding through the complete range. No chains I.e. low maintenance.
  • Self-contained machine with the integral main motor and electrical equipment.
  • Pneumatic saw straining - fast and flexible operation. Rapid reaction to shock loads.




  • Bandsaw Thickness (Max) 1.24mm (18g) (Min) 1.06mm (19g)
  • Bandsaw Width (Max) 130mm (5")
  • Bandsaw Length (Max) 6835mm (22’-5”) (Min) 6755mm (22’-2”)
  • Bandsaw Pulley Diameter 1050mm (42") Depth of Cut (Max) 400mm (16")
  • Max Opening:
  • Feedbox Fence to Saw Line (RH) 200mm (8")
  • Feed Roll Box to Saw Line (LH) 290mm (11.5")
  • eed Speeds (Std) 0-80m/min (Opt) 0-120m/min
  • Main motor (Std) 30KW (40HP) Cleaner Fluid Capacity 5 litres (1gallon)
  • Standard Saw Speed 40m/s (8000fpm)
  • Feed Roller Diameter 125mm (5")
  • Height of Feed Rollers (Std) 250mm (10”) (Opt) 200mm (8”)
  • Pressure Sawguide Offset 6mm Power of hydraulic feed system 7.5kW
  • Size of machine
  • Height 2450mm


ManufacturerStenner UK
ModelStenner VHE 105 Single Centre Cutting Resaw