2001 STROMAB Italy Stromab TR 450, Matrix 4

Malax, Finland



Crosscutting saw STROMAB TR 450 , Matrix 4, year 2001


main motor 5.5 Hp

max saw diameter 450 mm, 3000 Rpm

Cutting width max mm 330mm

cutting height 100mm


Complete Programmable cross-cutting Line with TR 450


Optimizing, programming + Defect cutting ( with chalk marking) programs 

12 inch Touch Screen Controller

Linux operating system



  • infeed push feed table for max 4500mm Timber/ blanks
  • outfeed conveyor with 4 side pushers around 5500mm long 


max pusher speed 120m/min

Positioning precision +/- 0,4 mm.


6 bar pneumatic pressure

CE marking, documentation


ManufacturerSTROMAB Italy
ModelStromab TR 450, Matrix 4