€9,900 (EUR)

Höfer Austria Hydraulic short-cycle presses HKP 120, year 1988

Malax, Finland



Hydraulic short-cycle presses HÖFER HKPL 120

Year of manufacture 1988

S/N 2804


Pressing pressure 120 t

Pressing pressure N/cm2: 45

Number of cylinders: 6 /858

Heating platen size: 2500 x 1300mm

Opening 150mm

Connected load 7,5kW

Hot water heating

Standard equipment includes:


- Press portals made of solid steel

- Press cylinder made of seamless high-strength steel tubes

- Press pistons made of alloyed steel, ground and hard-chrome plated

- our proven piston sealing and guiding system

- Sturdy, torsion-resistant press table construction

- steel heating plates - drilled in one or more sections

- heating with thermal oil, hot water or steam

- heavy parallel guidance of the press table

- return stroke cylinder

- Maintenance-free hydraulic system with leakage oil re circulation

- Safety circuit against work piece doubling

- Safety devices



Single belt system

The glued and coated boards are transferred from the

belt to the press belt. After the

the pressing cycle, the boards are transported to the out feed roller

out feed roller conveyor. Due to the distances between the

between the belts, a work piece length of at least

400 mm is necessary.



Technical specifications subject to change 



ManufacturerHöfer Austria
ModelHydraulic short-cycle presses HÖFER HKPL 120