€4,999 (EUR)

1985 CML Itlay CML Multi blade saw SCA 220 R T250

Malax, Finland



CML Multi blade saw SCA 220 R T250

Year of manufacture 1985

maximum workpiece thickness 110mm (330mm blade diameter)

Maximum saw blade speed 3500 RPM

Minimum workpiece thickness 20mm

Minimum workpiece length 500mm

Maximum distance between outer fixed saw blades 220mm 

Working height (from floor) 750mm

Width of feed carpet ( chain ) = 250mm

Saw blade max 330mm

Main drive motor Hp 20

Feed carpet drive motor 0.75Kw

Feed speed 0-40 M/min

Roller adjustment motor 0.75Kw

Working table 1900 x 550mm

Main suction port 200mm diameter

30 m/sec; 3400 m³/h

Electrical connection 400V / 50Hz

Dimension (machine)

length 232cm

Width 132cm

height 153cm

Weight 1700 Kg

Technical data are subject to change.


ManufacturerCML Itlay
ModelCML Multi blade saw SCA 220 R T250