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SULAK BBT03 UNI Glass grinding machine for flat glass edges

Malax, Finland

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SULAK BBT 03 UNI Shape grinding machine for flat glass edges

Year of manufacture 2004

S/N 014


for edge grinding 3-12mm glass thickness


The grinding machine is designed for grinding and polishing flat, irregular or round edges of flat glass, mirrors etc..

Water-cooled diamond grinding wheels and polishing wheels are used for the processing.

The grinding machine can process glass between 3 and 12 mm thick.

The edges can be machined into profile "C", trapezoid or straight profile according to the shape of the profile of the diamond wheel.

The operation of the machine is very simple and requires minimal training.

Other advantages of this grinding machine:

- Hot-dip galvanized

- Power requirement 1.6 kW, 23 V , 50 Hz

- Robust frame

- Mobile

- 2 wheels on the spindle

- Glass conveyor DS 01

with 2 support tables


CE marked

Weight 215 Kg

Dimensions: 1500 (2500)x1030x1200


ManufacturerSULAK Glass Working Machinery s.r.o.
ModelShape grinding machine for flat glass edges