€19,500 (EUR)

RANDEK SP700 cut saw

Malax, Finland

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RANDEK SP700 cut saw

manufacture Randek Sweden

Year 1986

in good condition


Randek’s SP700 series provides reliable cut saws that are a major asset to roof

truss and house producers around the world.

The SP700 cut saw is effective, easy-to-use and accurate. It has been on the

market for a long time and is continuously improved in close contact with our

many customers. The blade on this semi-automatic saw supports angled cuts,

which mean it can make any cuts you may require.

You can also use the large diameter blade (700mm ) to cut several sections of stacked timber



• Angled cuts from 0° to 360°

• Cut heights up to 250 mm, possible to cut three boards each cutting cycle

• PLC programmable saw

• Fixation of timber near the cutting area resulting in accurate cutting


roller conveyor system with 5 adjusteable pneumatic stoppers . Lenght 6,25m

outfeeding roller conveyor 4,10m


Complete line: 11,5m


technical inforamtion under subjet of correction



ManufacturerRandek Sweden