Used Stromab TR 450, Matrix 4
Malax, Finland

Crosscutting saw STROMAB TR 450 , Matrix 4, year 2001 main motor 5.5 Hp max saw diameter 450 mm...

Used 1988  Crosscut and mitre saw GRAULE ZS 135N
Malax, Finland

Crosscut and mitre saw GRAULE ZS 135N year of manufacture 1988 good condition with coolant dev...

Used 1985  Stenner VHE 105 Single Centre Cutting Resaw
Malax, Finland

Stenner VHE 105 Single Centre Cutting Resaw in very good condition - Heavy-duty cast iron saw w...

Used 1975 Robinson Robinson Heavy Duty Resaw EF/T 36
Malax, Finland

Robinson Heavy Duty Resaw 36″ diameter wheels 3″ Blade (75mm ) 11 kW/ 15HP Motor Powered Feed...

Used 1998 Brevetti M.A. / Italy VEGA S
Malax, Finland

Notching saw BREVETTI VEGA S Year of manufacture 1998 Machines No. 532 Manufacturer Brevetti M.A....

Used 1997 Meber Italy  Bandsaw SR-DS 700

Meber Bandsaw SR 700 year 1997 in good condition Flywheel diameter 700 mm Flywheel speed 782 g / ...

Used 2008 REMA under table crosscut saw Type DMDK-50B
Malax, Finland

Rema undertable cross cut saw Type DMDK-50B S/N 051 Made in Poland Year of production 2008. pneum...

Used 1989 Centauro Italy CO 600
Malax, Finland

Band saw Centauro CO 600 year of manufacture 1985 from a training company in good condition Roll ...

Used 1990 COSMEC Multiripsaw SM320
Malax, Finland

1990 COSMEC Multiripsaw SM320

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Multiripsaw COSMEC SM320, year 1990 S/N 1270 Max. cutting hight 120mm Max. width of blade pack 30...

Used 2006 Globe Trim saw( equalizer saw ) for plywood
Malax, Finland

Infeeding , conveyor that can handle 2 packs with max dimensions: B = 1300mm L = 2800mm H = 1000m...

Used 1998 Paoloni Italy Format panel saw Paoloni P30NP
Malax, Finland

Format panel saw Paoloni P30NP Year 1998 sled 3200 mm split width of 1500 mm electric blade lifti...

Used 2007 STROMAB Italy STROMAB CT 600 optimizing  crosscut saw
Malax, Finland

STROMAB CT 600 optimazion crosscut saw with swiveling working area. year 2007 SN 226 ( especially...

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