Refurbished Valonkone Debarker VK450
Malax, Finland

Valonkone Debarker VK450

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Valonkone Debarker VK450 Year 1987 Debarking diameter (mm) 80 - 480 Min. log length (m) 2.2 W...

Refurbished Valonkone VK26 debarking machine
Malax, Finland

Valonkone VK26 as renovated debarker incl. in and out feeding table Renovated and workshop inspe...

Used Renovated Valonkone VK26 M ( year 1974- 1980 )

A., VK26M ( year 1974 line ) with sliding table B., VK26M ( year 1974 line ) with motorized out ...